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Fond du Lac, WI

Barb Gray has been teaching piano since 2000. Her studio averages 50 students, with kids as young as 5. She is a master adjudicator with WSMA, and is engaged to Scott Matthew, her partner in Piano Playground LLC.

Our Story

I include a "Recital Gift" for my performers to commemorate my Spring Recital. Something special to honor all their hard work and dedication.

In 2022, I gave each of my performers a wonderful wood laser-cut Music Wall Art piece, personalized with their first names.

My wonderful performers, proudly holding their personalized art.

Everyone loved them. Parents were impressed by their beauty and quality.

When I showed that recital picture to other piano teachers on Facebook, many wanted some for their own piano students.

Students are reminded of their accomplishments every day.

I told them Bob, a local artist, carves them out of wood with a fancy laser, and then sands, paints and lacquers them. Mine were a full 10" in diameter.

Now, Bob is old school. He doesn't do shipping or online payments -- he's retired, and mostly does art fairs -- but I offered to pick them up and mail them, if they liked.

Suddenly, I had piano teachers asking to order, from all around the country. I think $17 is a bargain.

I also had a piano teacher in Illinois who wanted one for her studio wall. (That seemed like such a good idea, I got one for my studio!)

Nice accent for the wall of any studio.

And music teachers who teach other instruments asked about designs for their students. Bob can do all sorts of designs.
He can do Strings.

The Violin or Cello are great for strings players.

Can't forget the Guitars.

Either 6 stings or 4.

How about Brass?

Bob can do Trumpets, Trombones and Baritones.

And French Horns.

Two different looks for French Horns.

How about Woodwinds?

The Flute, the Clarinet, and 2 different Saxaphones.

How about Drums?

Two choices for drums.

We can't forget about the singers!

Several different approaches for singers.

How about general music designs?

Just celebrating music lovers

How about these fun MetroGnomes that Bob designed for my 2023 Spring Recital gift?

Something fun to celebrate music!

So I did a Kickstarter Campaign, so that anyone who wants Music Wall Art could get it. And I put this page on my studio website, for anyone who missed the Kickstarter.

To order Music Wall Art, just download this Order Form. Fill in the PDF, save it, and email it as an attachment to the email address on the form.

I'll email you back a confirmation that everything is correct. Then just send the funds using Zelle, Wise, Venmo or Paypal to the account on the form. (If you don't have any of those accounts, I can send you a Request/Invoice that you can pay with any credit card.)

I'll get everything to Bob right away, and a couple weeks later your Wall Art should go in the mail to you.

If you want something even bigger than these 10" versions, Bob can make them 12" diameter or 14" diameter. They cost more to make and can only mail to the U.S., so it's just an option. I love my 10" versions, but the bigger ones are very impressive, and do hold more letters. (Ideal for a studio wall with a long name.)


10” Music Wall Art: $17
12” Music Wall Art: $24
14” Music Wall Art: $29


(Up to 10 letters and spaces)
(Up to 13 letters and spaces)
(Up to 16 letters and spaces)

Mailing costs USA:

10” Music Wall Art: $4 flat rate for entire order.
12” Music Wall Art: $5 flat rate for entire order.
14” Music Wall Art: $6 flat rate for entire order.
(Free shipping when ordered with a Piano Footrest)

Mailing costs Canada:

10” Music Wall Art: US$5 for 1, US$1 for each additional.
12” Music Wall Art: US$20 flat rate for entire order.
14” Music Wall Art: US$20 flat rate for entire order.
(Free shipping when ordered with a Piano Footrest)

Mailing costs World:

10” Music Wall Art: $8 for 1, $3 for each additional.

Wall Art Color Options:

Black Blue Gray Green Orange Red Yellow or Natural Wood

You can pay with: Zelle, Wise, Venmo or Paypal.

Think of all the music-lovers in your life who would love to have one of these personalized works of art hanging on their wall.

Musically yours,
Barb Gray
Piano Playground
Fond du Lac, WI

P.S. If you have another instrument you'd like added to these options, or a specific design you have in mind, please email me your ideas.
No guarantees, but I'll see what Bob can do for you.

My little performers wanted pictures with their Wall Art . . . and me!

Do you have a custom logo or design that you'd like laser cut in wood? It's possible. Single layer like the Music Wall Art circles, or 2-layers.

These designs are TWO layers . . . carved black wood over a layer of white wood. Black over white is ideal for the 2-layer process. These examples are about 14" on the long side, and cost about $50 to make. Send me your ideas, and I'll see what Bob can do.

If you're looking for something big and beautiful for your studio wall, this can be just the thing.

The one on left is 14″. The middle and right are custom 16.5″ wide. Email for details.

And if you have a dancer to celebrate, here are just a few of the possibilities:

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